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No monthly fee

Monthly payments are absent due to the implementation of our effective advertising. Each user will receive advertising after connecting , and only that which he is interested . Advertising that gets the user chooses in a private office from the list , if the advertiser is not selected , then automatically set the most appropriate user.

Feetelecom - MVNO

Mobile virtual network operator

The company does not have its own facilities for cellular signaling and works exclusively on the basis of other mobile operators.


  • Sponsorship

    Joint advertising with partners, participates in the promotion of the brand.

  • SMS delivery

    Subscribe by information from users of our advertising partners.

  • On-screen

    Advertising in browsers and mobile device applications.

Our future partners

Now we are negotiating with major brands on the conclusion of advertising contracts .

  • nike
  • adidas
  • reebok
  • bmw
  • leroy-merlin
  • audi
Our technology


We already partially prepared to develop their own programs and for display advertising , data collection, processing , analytics. Also, the creation of the primary procedures to ensure smooth communication users and internet . We will work with any mobile device.

The area of work

FreeTelecom will be launched initially in two countries , Russia and Germany. But FreeTelecom will operate worldwide.